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a proper mix cd starts with love...

for those of you who have this cd...

1) DQ Blizzard--- MC Chris
2) boom swagger boom--- murder city devils
3) 2 tone army--- The Toasters
4) dancing in the moonlight--- unknown
5) Bank Accounts--- Sarah Slean
6) Drink and Fight --- The Pogues
7) Love You Madly --- Cake
8) I've Seen Better Days --- Citizen King
9) yoshima pt.1--- Flaming lips
10) the aeroplane over the sea--- Neutral milk hotel
11) who loves the sun--- The velvet underground
12) As I lay me down--- Sophie B. Hawkins
13) I'm kissing you --- des'ree
14) Kiss Me--- Sixpence None The Richer
15) Let's Get It On--- Marvin Gaye
16) Pressure--- Queen and David Bowie
17) heaven knows--- Squeeze
18) cheree--- Suicide
19) infinitely gentle blows--- Alter]Ring groove
20) always look on the bright side of life --- monty python

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